“at this festival full of guitarists (Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival) , none played like Pemberton or was as fun to watch”

Willamette Week:

Classic rock, jazz, psychedelia and everything in between collide and fuse around the notion of discovery that jumps with ease from the composer to the listener in a hyper-caffeinated cocktail of bar music done right. “


Glide Magazine:

While making music from a tortured place is often given the most “authenticity”, Friday night was a showcase of rock music from a place of contentment. What a novel idea..”


Oregon Music News:

The band balances guitar and groove without sounding forced or awkward. You’ll hear elements of Jazz coming from Scott’s legit upbringing but it’s conveyed in a way that listeners of Funk, Blues, and Rock all can get equal enjoyment from the same album. It’s just plain good music, from the heart.”



virtuostic and brilliant.”




Scott Pemberton