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Scott’s funky “Timber Rock” style has been very well received.  He has placed #4 on Billboards Tastemaker Chart, #1, Portland Pop Charts and has been making waves at clubs and festivals nationwide.  I asked him to send over some notes to describe his new album and I really think he puts it best.  So with his permission, here are some of Scott’s words.


I’m calling the new album “Timber Rock”.


That is the best way to describe my music “Timber Rock”.  I feel like the influence of Portalnd’s diverse musical community is right there in the music.  I’ve been here, participating and contributing to our music scene since I was a teen.  I got to cut my teeth in the North West grunge heyday at the iconic Satyricon and X-Ray Café’, play hard bop in Mel Browns band, blues with Linda Hornbuckle and Curtis Salgado, it goes on.  There are so many wonderful musicians in the Pacific North West, pushing so many styles of music.  I consider myself to be a life student of music, and Portland has been an amazing teacher.


Portland is always ready to supports innovation, creativity and individualism, but has no tolerance for crap.  The “just the right amount of weird” environment has been a perfect fit for my style to grow and develop, and is why PDX has always been my home.


So that’s what I’m calling this music…  “Timber Rock”.

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